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Iron Worker (experienced)

Below is a brief description of this job. For more information about compensation, benefits, and expectations, follow the link above to our online application through indeed.

Experienced, Local candidates only. Job is permanent and located in OKC metro and surrounding area.
A metal building erector (or an iron worker as he is usually referred to) is an individual who is responsible for the efficient and successful erection of commercial and residential buildings, carports, patio covers, and screen rooms.
Since you will be working with many people to ensure that the different aspects of the work are carried out properly, you will need to be great at working in a team environment. Also, the work requires a lot of physical energy, which is why it is imperative that you are a physically strong individual.
The requirements for this position are listed below:

  • Read and interpret building designs and schematics to determine what type of equipment is required
  • Prepare materials and calibrate machinery prior to performing building erection work
  • Use cranes and tele-handlers to hoist and position metal components into place
  • Install fiberglass insulation and standing seam roofs
  • Rig, hoist, lift and move metal items within the work area to ensure correct positioning
  • Guide metal loads into position by following set instructions
  • Bolt and weld metal works together and ensure that all sections are leveled properly
  • Perform steelworks dismantling for renovation or pull-down purposes
  • Cut, melt and weld metal sections and rods by using metal shears, torches and welding equipment
  • Force structural metal components into place by using tools such as crowbars and jacks
  • Insert sealing strips, wiring and insulation materials, along with installing reinforcement bars
  • Verify horizontal and vertical alignment of metal structures by using plumb bobs and laser equipment
  • Assemble hoisting equipment or rigging, including cables, pulleys and hooks, to ensure easy and safe movement
  • Mantle and dismantle ladders up to 30 feet tall using safety mechanisms
  • Safely navigate unfinished structures such as roof tops, carports, patio covers, and screen rooms
  • Read and interpret tape measure
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds
  • Use post hole diggers and other equipment to dig holes for beam placement
  • Bending, stooping, and kneeling multiple times throughout the day